Hi guys,

So I have complete two days on my Fighterfood meal plan. I wanted to update you all on how it is going so far. I started it on  Sunday so I could have a day to adjust to it while I was at home and prepare myself then for the long week ahead. For breakfast I had two chicken, spinach and roasted pepper frittatas with a side salad. These were lovely but I didn’t quite finish all of my side salad. I had this at about 10am and it kept me going until lunch. Lunch I had a little later at 2pm and this was a chicken and French bean salad. This was my favourite. I heated it up in the microwave for about 3 or 4 minutes until piping hot and had it with a large glass of water and a warm cup of green tea afterwards. I must say, I stayed really full until dinner came around. I had salmon, which I never have had before. This was a really nice surprise. It was all seasoned so well and it came with sweet potatoes…. Hello!

Ok, day 2….Mondays, gotta love ’em. So my work day starts 8am but I have to get my tired butt out of bed at 6am. By the time I get to work, set up for the day and handle any calls from the previous day, I don’t get my breakfast until 10am. I don’t mind this, I have my routine and I’m used to it now. So this morning I had raisin and cinnamon granola. I really enjoyed this even though it was not as sugary as my usual cereals. It kept me really full until lunch time at 1pm. For lunch I had chicken with Asian rice and vegetables. Again, yummy and filled me right up. I had my dinner at 7pm… long wait I know, but I keep drinking water and I have a really busy work schedule in the afternoon and evening. For dinner I had cajun chicken with rice. It was just enough. I realised that my usual portions are huge. I didn’t need a big portion to feel satisfied. The sauce was just enough too, usually I pour this on. So far, I’m learning to adjust and eat smaller but still feel satisfied and full.

I took these pictures of each of my meals and the nutritional values in each:

 IMG_1734 IMG_1732

Breakfast Day 1:

Chicken, Spinach, Red Pepper frittata – 198 cals, 4% carbs, 34% protein and 62% fat

IMG_1750 IMG_1752

Lunch Day 1:

Chicken and French Bean Salad – 267 cals, 8% carbs, 73% protein and 20% fat.

IMG_1763 IMG_1765

Dinner Day 1:

Tandoori grilled salmon with sweet potatoes and vegetables – 377 cals, 34% carbs, 29% protein and 37% fat.


Breakfast Day 2:

Raisin and cinnamon granola – 241 cals, 45% carbs, 9% protein and 46% fat.


Lunch Day 2:

Chicken with Asian rice/vegetables – 273 cals, 35% carbs, 43% protein and 22% fat.


Dinner Day 2:

Cajun style chicken – 360 cals, 41% carbs, 46% protein and 13% fat.

I’ll come back and assess again after the third and fourth day and then again after the final two days. Hope the meals provide some inspiration and you can always create your own or modify the ideas above to suit yourself.

Over the first two days I have lost 3 pounds but I also just feel energized and less bloated. My hunger levels are good and I don’t feel the need to dig into the chocolate press yet!

My challenge over day 3 & 4 – DRINK MORE WATER!!!!

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Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight

It feels like we are on a weight-loss path our whole life. I know I am. It’s sad, but it’s true!

So it’s been a long week, you’ve watched those calories and worked out every minute you could…. but the scales haven’t even budged. Why?? What am I doing wrong?? Why me?? This couldn’t be right!!! I’ve been in this position so many times. Its hard, it’s heartbreaking and it’s a motivation killer.

Instead of giving up, we should be looking at what is really going on. Below, are some explanations… see if any could apply to you.

1. Are you pushing hard enough? If you are following the same routine day in and day out, your body is getting used to the usual regime. You need to be constantly changing it up and pushing yourself a little further. If you walked the same route for 30 minutes every day… try change this up to 45 minutes along a new route. If you run for 20 minutes, build this up day by day to 25 minutes and so on. Your body will respond to these changes. Variety is key.

2. Are you consistent? One gym trip per week is not going to work your body at all. Try be consistent with short intense workouts. If you find it hard to fit exercise in, try a workout video at home in your living room. Make it a routine. Be consistent.

3. Are you eating more than you are burning? Simple. Weight-loss will not occur if you are eating more than you burn. It’s hard to say no to that chocolate bar (I know).. but try half a bar instead. Reduce your intake and you will see a difference with exercise.

4. Post workout treats? A common mistake. If you work out and burn 200 calories.. you can afford that kit kat chunky?? No. Please don’t undo all your hard work!!! Try stick to a “treat day” each week where you can enjoy something small… you’ll appreciate it more and you will have worked hard for it.

5. Are you losing inches but not weight? Now, this is where I fall into. As we know, muscle weighs more than fat. The scales may not be showing a change as you are actually increasing muscle mass while losing inches by toning up. Your clothes will fit better and you will be smaller overall but you weigh the same. This is ok. This is GOOD. Don’t worry 🙂

6. Are you exercising for long enough? It takes a good 2-4 weeks to see a difference with a new fitness regime. You have been hitting the gym for three weeks straight but you havent seen any results so far. Be calm, it’s ok. Changes are different to each individual – it will come. Would you rather give up or keep going and feel good? You can do this.

Good luck guys, keep going xxx


The Road to Fitness: Week 3/4

Helllllo everybody!

Week 4 down (WOOP WOOP!!!) This week was more about fitness and getting a good routine going. I ate as healthy as I could but didn’t deprive myself of anything, I just limited the amount instead.

As you know, I joined curves recently. The circuit is really good and boy do I feel it the day after. This week, I went Monday – Thursday and did a fitness class on two of those days. On Friday I attended my local gym for 40 minutes doing some walking/running and using the cross-trainer also. I then went for a long 1.25 hour walk with the BF around a local park. Today, I woke up sore but I still managed to get in a run this afternoon.

My motivation tip of the week:

Workout gear!! My my my do I love some attractive and colourful fitness clothes. This week I picked up a new pair of “jogging pants” (in black and pink – so girly!) and a loose matching pink top to go along with it. I also decided to splash out on some Nike Air runners which were on sale at 60 euro.

Nothing motivates me more to go for a run! Feeling good about how you look while you workout helps you want to go out and do your fitness routine.


photo 2photo 3photo 4

Check out my previous posts on my fitness journey here.

I hope everyone is having a great week and feels good. Let me know below how you are getting on and if you have any tips for me and others on this journey xxx

Take some time…

Hello friends 🙂

I’ve realised this week, the importance of taking some time to yourself. I’ve spent some time taking it easy, alone, relaxed without any distractions. It’s therapeutic to just take some time out and reflect. It’s been a hard week for me personally so this time allows me to relax my mind and body and prepare myself for the next day.

I love a green tea to help me relax 🙂

Hope everyone is having a good week xxx

The Road to Fitness: Week 2

Hello my loves!! 🙂

Week 2 of my fitness challenge down and I was slightly reluctant to blog about it this week.. but this is what happens and it wouldn’t be a real challenge without its ups and downs. I also wouldn’t be being true to myself and this challenge if I didn’t report on my successes AND my failures.

You can check out my first and second post here if you’ve missed them!

Results week 2

So, as you can tell from the opening above.. things didn’t go great this week. I had a few events holding my back from my daily workouts and two birthday parties which most likely brought me down a little also. Anyways… I lost no weight this week. Now being my second week into my challenge I feel a little disappointed in myself BUT I am happy to say I have not put on weight since my initial weight loss in week 1. So that’s good, right? 🙂

Week 2 progress report:

Week 2 diet and workouts

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3On Thursday for dinner I had cereal and then an ice-pop afterwards

photo 4

Targets for week 2

Diet changes:

1. Drink 1.5 – 2L of water per day

2. My only treat will be a twister ice-pop (70 calories in an ice-pop)

3. No snacks in the morning before breakfast in work

Fitness plan:

1. Workout 6/7 days this week – 3 gym days and 3 days running/walking

2. 50 squats per day for 6/7 days

3. Joining CURVES gym in my area 😀 SO excited!!


With every challenge or new change you will always have some ups and downs. As long as you don’t lose sight of the end goal and you pick yourself back up and get back on track you’re doing great. If you need inspiration just remember how far you have come and how you can reach your goal. YOU CAN DO THIS!

I hope to do better this week myself –  as always I will keep you updated on my journey 🙂 xxx




Drink up! Water Benefits & Tips

Afternoon lovelies,

We all know we should be drinking more water throughout our day.. but lets take some time to remember why we should be drinking as much as we can. Below are some benefits we get from drinking water and I’ve also added in some tips for drinking more.


1. Energize  – FACT: Your brain consists mostly of water. So, drinking water will help you be more alert and you will be able to focus and concentrate more along with giving you more energy.

2. Excess Weight Be Gone: OH YES it will help with your weight loss. It helps in various ways such as reducing hunger, raising metabolism (raise the roof!) and has no calories… so drink drink drink.

3. Bye Bye Toxins – Urination and sweat means your body is getting rid of waste. Flush flush flush!

4. Hello glorious skin – It’s a great easy moisturizer which keeps your skin soft, glowing and smooth. It keeps it fresh, soft, glowing and smooth. It’s also the best free and easy anti-aging treatment around – goodbye fine lines!

5. Some toilet time – Prevents constipation by aiding digestion… you know what I mean…

6. Boost that immune system – Fights flu and all those icky sicky days.

7. Goodbye Mr headache – headaches can be a cause of dehydration. Drinking more water will help keep Mr.Headache at bay.

8. Loving Those Joints – Keeps those joints lubricated.

9. “because I’m haaappy” – With your body functioning at its best due to water intake you will feel at your best and “happpyyy”

10. Gotta love those freebies – Yes it’s free. With so many benefits and no cost.. DRINK UP!

Ok so enough bragging about how great water is. The hard part is actually drinking up during the day. So here are some tips to help you drink more: (you want to aim for 2 liters a day)


1. Have a bottle of water with you for every meal time. Try your best to get into this habit. I try sip on my water after every bite or two. This also helps you spend longer at meal times instead of scoffing down the food. Sit back, enjoy and you will feel full sooner and most likely not overeat.

2. If you can’t stand the taste or lack of with water, try adding in some fresh fruit to give it a flavor while giving you extra vitamins for that day. I recommend having a jug in your fridge.. pop some fresh fruit of your choice into the jug and drink away.

3. Keep a bottle of water with you at all times. Place one into your handbag, briefcase, have one at your desk, in your car etc etc. Having a bottle around will encourage you to drink more.


Let me know any of your tips for drinking water and being consistent!xxx

Stop Those Cravings!!

So how do you stop yourself from tip toeing into the kitchen and sneaking in a few night-time snacks? Those cute cupcakes, that delicious chocolate bar or even some jellies….below are some tips to stop those cravings!

Some tips:

  • Wait it out:Don’t give in to the craving, wait it out. Cravings come in waves and they do pass. Waiting it out can be hard but remember you are strong, you can do this and you will regret those extra calories.
  • Distract yourself: Go for a walk, put on your favourite movie or read a book. Whatever works best as a distraction – do it. Your craving will be forgotten about and then it’s bedtime 😀
  • Satisfy the craving: Yes, eat what you are craving but a slice of pizza instead of the whole pie or a slab of chocolate and not the whole bar. Reduce the portion size of the food you crave. Sometimes it’s best not to deny yourself a certain food but instead, try eat only a fraction of what you would usually.
  • Caffeine: Drinking caffeine is a short time fix to get over your craving and allowing you to get back on the healthy mindset.
  • Picture yourself healthy: When those cravings hit- THINK and STOP. Think about that goal you’ve been working for, think about that bikini body in a few months time.. you can do this. You can reach that goal.
  • Grab some gum: Believe it or not chewing gum reduces cravings!.. chew chew chew.
  • Reach for fruit. Fiber and sweetness combined.. fruit, nuts and seeds are a healthy alternative to stop and satisfy those cravings.
  • Eat regularly. Waiting long periods of times between meals can make your cravings go mad. You’ll want sugary foods for energy and to satisfy your hunger. Try eat every three to five hours to keep your blood sugar stable.

We can do this guys!xx