Welcome Bailey ♥

I have a new love in my life….. (sorry boyfriend!)

Since my 14 year old cat passed away last September, there has been a massive void in my life. She was the most caring gentle little thing I’ve ever met. We had such an amazing 14 years together and she was with me through everything from primary school to college graduation and more.

For the last month I’ve known it was time to adopt and take care of and give a good home. I contacted CatsAid looking for a kitten around 8 weeks old and they said they would contact me when one was ready to leave their mother. In the meantime I saw a gorgeous 6 month old tortoiseshell female on the website who was looking for a good home. She had a few stomach issues and has a sensitive digestive system so we need to feed her Royal Canin Sensitive. She was named Pria by her foster home. The website let us know that she is an affectionate and very sweet cat who enjoys being lifted and cuddled. She is used to other cats and was comfortable around her fosters dog.

So we contacted them and picked her up yesterday. She was so good on the 40 minute journey home! Once she got into her new room she settled right in and wanted cuddles and lots of love immediately. She is the most adorable affectionate little girl and I love her so much.

We decided to rename her Bailey  ♥ 


My little princess

My beautiful Bailey

Our Cats ♥

“A cat can purr its way out of anything.” – Donna McCrohan

Meet my two little loves below. Percy and Bruce. Percy is small ginger tabby the while Bruce is the “curvy” grey/white tabby with a serious case of stubbornness. Percy strayed in with a broken leg. Of course we looked after him and he got a little attached to us. My boyfriend got Bruce the day we started seeing each other. He had no tail as he was in an accident but he makes up for it with his personality.
Seán likes to call Bruce “chunky” when realistically our little man is overweight big time. He’s currently on a diet… or a lifestyle change if you will.

percy bruce

Percy is very cuddly and wants nothing more then to be on our laps 24/7 being rubbed and loved. Bruce is still getting used to us and sitting closer everyday. One minute he wants a rub and the next minute, if you touch him you’re in trouble. He’s a bit of work.

percy1 bruce2

Regardless of their different personalities, these two little buddies are pretty perfect.

percy2 bruce1

No doubt all of their adventures will be posted on this blog!