Revenge is an ABC television show staring Emily VanCamp and Madeline Stowe which debuted in September 2011. I have been a massive fan since day one. There is something so captivating about this show. The plot line is solid and always developing with excellent performances.

The story situates around it’s main character Emily Thorn who moves to the Hamptons and rents a beach house which is next door to the Grayson Family mansion. Emily’s real name is really Amanda Clarke. Her father was framed for treason when she was a small girl. While imprisoned for life he was murdered in prison by agents of the people who framed him.

She is now back in the Hamptons years later to get revenge on the people who wronger her father and destroyed her family!

Emily VanCamp & Madeleine Stowe at the PaleyFest 2012 REVENGE

Madeline and Emily


If you’ve seen this show, let me know what you think in the comment below!!!

Watch – Sunday 10:00PM on ABC…or online streaming like me on Monday evenings 😉