FIGHTERFOOD! Meal delivery plan

Hi guys, So I decided to try out a home delivery meal plan. I’ve always wanted to try a service like this but never got around to picking one that suits me. All meals are delivered and are ready for you to just heat up and eat! This is so handy for me with a hectic work schedule and  also while studying at night.

There are different meal plans for you to choose from at different prices. You can also order the meals individually to suit. I went with meal plan 3 for €125 which gives me 6 breakfasts, 6 lunches and 6 dinners. You can pick from a range of choices with different options to suit everyone.

Meal Plan 03 – 6 Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner for €125

6 Dinners

Tandoori Grilled Salmon
Cajun Style Chicken X3
Herb Baked Cod X2

6 Lunches

Super food Salad (chicken)
Moroccan Style Cous Cous (chicken)
Mexican Style Chopped Salad (chicken)
Mediterranean style chickpea salad (chicken)
French Bean, Sun-dried Tomato Salad (chicken)
Asian Veg & Brown Rice Salad (chicken)
Baby Leaf Salad (chicken)

6 Breakfasts

Chicken, spinach, roast red pepper and egg frittata X2
Raisin & Cinnamon Granola X2
Maple & Pecan Granola Crunch

I ordered this on the Thursday before 5pm and they had it delivered to the house on Saturday morning. The customer service was really helpful when I emailed about delivery times. They texted me at 8.15am to let me know my delivery time and then again 20 minutes before they arrived.

I started my meals today so after dinner I will update with pictures, nutritional values, energy levels etc

What to Wear? Winter Footwear

If you’re anything like me and have all your winter clothing sussed but seem to be at a loss when it comes to winter footwear – then you’ve come to the right place.

This year, I seem to get ready for work no problem. Hair, easy. Makeup, easy. Clothes, easy. However, I end up standing there in my bare feet and think to myself what shoes go with this and why do I not have warmer ones. Everything it my closet seems to be flats, Toms, heels or flip-flops.

Here in Ireland, it’s November and it’s a damn cold November at that. So with all that in mind, I think it’s time to stop shopping for more clothes and start thinking about my poor cold feet.

I’ve been searching through my local stores and online and I’ve found a range of winter footwear that I have on my list for my next shopping trip.

Boots From New Look: (

1. Wide Fit Black Contrast Check Fold Biker Boots – £29.99 online

2. Black Chain Strap Slouch Boots – £27.99 online

3.Wide Fit Burgundy Cleated Sole Block Heel Boots – £27.99 online

4.Black Strappy Knee High Boots – Reduced to £29.50 online

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3 Day Diet

To me, this diet is known as the 3 day British Heart Foundation Diet. The diet claims to help users lose 10 pounds in the 3 days.. results vary but believe me, there are results.

The 3 day diet is very easy to follow but it is tough going. The good news is that it only last 3 days. However, long-term weight loss will only be achieved with maintenance and changes to your everyday diet. Once you have completed the 3 days, the weight loss can be easily undone with one day of pure indulgence. So, you must make changes overall. You can eat normally but watch your portion sizes and your treats.

To me, this diet is very much my go to plan when losing weight. A family member did this diet every week for one year and lost about half his body weight. It’s been about 5 years since and he has not put anything back on due to good maintenance and healthy eating.

The 3 Day Diet

The 3 Day Diet


You may use these condiments:

Lemon juice

Salt and pepper


Cooking oil spray

You may swap the following foods with these alternatives:

Orange instead of grapefruit

Tuna instead of cottage cheese or vice versa

Frozen yoghurt instead of ice cream

Cauliflower instead of broccoli and vice versa

Green beans instead of broccoli or cauliflower

Beetroot instead of carrots

Toast instead of 5 plain crackers


I am currently on day two of the diet today and have lost 3 pounds so far. Hopefully, once you try out this diet.. you will be encouraged to continue on a healthy lifestyle and maintain the weight loss.

Good luck guys and let me know if you’ve tried it xxxx

UPDATE: okay guys, my 3 days are up. Lost half a stone so I’m quite happy with that. Now I must maintain it with a healthy diet until I try it again next weekend 🙂

Stand’N’Stuff Dinner

Boy do I love food. One of our favourite,quick and simple dinners are wraps. Lately, we’ve discovered the new Stand’N’Stuff wraps by Old El Paso.



For our filling, we like to use chicken, mixed vegetables, seasoning, tomato sauce and cheese.


Start by browning your chicken with some olive oil in a heated pan. You can season it however you like. We love the BBQ seasoning by Old El Paso.


Add in mixed vegetables of your choice and stir in the tomato Old El Paso sauce. Let this simmer together.


Add in some cheese and allow to melt in…. My favourite part.


Stuff and serve 🙂



And if you’re anything like my little family. You’ll pass out after all the good food 🙂


Savory Sunday – Butter Chicken Recipe!


  • 4 medium sliced, diced chicken breasts
  • Mixed vegetables of your choice (sweetcorn, peas and spinach used here)
  • 1 jar of Patak’s Butter Chicken cooking sauce.
  • Cashew Nuts
  • Oil


Add 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil to the pan and heat up for 1 minute. Then add the 4 chicken breasts and fry until the meat has browned in colour on both sides. Continue by adding your chosen vegetables and cashews and allow to cook for about 15 minutes until the chicken is cooked through.

Step 1

We are using Patak’s Butter Chicken which is my all time favourite sauce. This one we picked up in Aldi for €1.49!


Pour the sauce over the chicken and vegetables and allow to simmer for 15 minutes.


You should stir occasionally to make sure nothing sticks… try not to taste it as it cooks (Seán….)

While this is simmering, we added some brown rice to a pot of boiling water which cooks in 15minutes just as your butter chicken is ready.


Serve & eat!


This was the perfect Sunday evening meal before the work week starts. Good thing we have leftovers too!!


Let me know if you’ve tried this recipe/sauce or have any recommendations!



Where: Picaderos, Maynooth, Kildare, Ireland
Price: €17.50

“Deep fried soft flour tortilla parcel stuffed with shredded chicken, tomato sauce, Jack cheddar cheese, spring onions, garlic, chilli & jalapenos & topped with sour cream, ‘Pie de Galo’ salsa Roja & guacamole with refried black beans & Mexican rice” Picaderos

We love to go here for the variety of Spanish, Argentinean & Mexican foods. The atmosphere of this intimate restaurant is perfect for any occasion. My favourite is the Chimichanga followed up by dessert of the day which never disappoints.

If you are ever in Maynooth you should check it out!