Arcade Block – The Video Game Mystery Box

Hi guys,

As you all know, subscription boxes are extremely popular at the moment. You can almost get any type of mystery box online for all sorts of prices and for various time periods, monthly, quarterly etc.

I have had a few different beauty subscriptions in the past but I wanted something a bit more fun and different to look forward to each month. I was looking around at the mountain of options online and I stumbled upon Nerd Block. They have so many great reviews, unboxing vidoes and one of my favourite youtubers Barnacules Nergasm has featured these on his channel.

So unlike many other subscription box services, Nerd Block has six different types of boxes to choose from. These include the classic Nerd Block, Arcade Block, Horror Block, Comic Block and a boys and girls junior box. The junior boxes cost $13.99 per month and the other four blocks are $19.99 per month with a t-shirt included every month. You can pick your size to suit and also you can change the type of box you want each month.

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 16.36.53

There are savings if you subscribe for more than one month at a time:

  • 3 months – $17.99 per month ($53.97 one time payment & shipping)
  • 6 months – $16.99 per month ($101.94 one time payment & shipping)
  • 12 months – $15.99 per month ($191.88 one time payment & shipping)

For further information or if you want to subscribe to Nerd Block and choose your favourite box, check out the website here:

I must say, the guys are Nerd Block are great at answering emails and tweets. They also have an online chat box on their website.

Anyways, down to the fun stuff… opening the box! I received my Arcade Block last night and here was what I got:


The box comes with a list of the items inside (for customs I’d say) so don’t spoil it on yourself and read the label when it comes!

unnamedCounter Strike, Mortal Kombat and Fallout – what is not to love!!!


I think I will stick with Arcade Block for next month also and then switch it up to the classic or horror… too much choice! If I could have them all, that would be perfect 😉

No negative remarks on this. The t-shirt was a bit small this month for me, so I am just going to adjust my order on my account and the get larger size for next month.

If you have tried any of these please let me know in the comments below. ❤